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10 Best 2019 Social Media Platforms for Marketing

Online marketing… can’t live without it. So, which is the place to make marketing on, in 2019? It doesn’t matter if you’re coming very strong just in one space, the success belongs to those who are everywhere. Or, at least, in the places that count. Which are these places for 2019? We have gathered them for you.

You’ll get success if you make a mix of already famous and notorious platforms plus the new arrivals which promise to make history.

So let’s see which are the best ten social media platforms to go with, this year:

1. Facebook. Sure, there’s no place like Facebook, and no matter how many other platforms are there, or how many privacy issues or other turbulence with this social media, you don’t exist if you don’t own a page on Facebook.

2. Instagram.It’s almost the same situation with the above one. Furthermore, with all issues connected to Facebook, Instagram is gaining ever more followers. So we could say that you really start to exist in a big way if you’re on Instagram. Plus there’s the benefit that Instagram brings new features, new format adaptations that will make this a great marketing tool, and will add up so much to your business image.

3. Youtube. Despite all the issues connected to Youtube’s algorithm and demonetization/strike policies, this platform has a strong word to deliver in the entire world.

4. Linkedin. Old but gold. This one has been around since ages, yet it remains a serious, professional platform. And we strongly advise you to be here in 2019, if you’re not already.

5. Reddit. Not the oldest, nor the newest. Reddit is still expanding, but it has already reached fame with the up voting trend. So lots of people and companies go towards Reddit, especially as it allows you to separate very well niches, and to go to your targeted interest. So, don’t neglect it.

And let’s talk about the newcomers.

6. Vero. This is the competition for Instagram. It’s praised by an increasing number of people for being more authentic as there is no algorithm that determines what you receive, and no advertising… yet It’s a great platform for you to share your genuine, authentic marketing content.

7. Steemit. Here’s an alternative to Reddit that you might want to consider. It also features the up vote, plus it brings upfront a very interesting idea. The idea that we might simply gain money through posts and up votes.

8. Tick Tok. Here’s a new platform dedicated to short-form videos. The creators of this platform want to encourage everybody to become a creator, so they make this activity very easy with their integrated features. This is a great environment for marketing.

9. Lasso. This is the same type of platform like the previous one. It is a platform launched by Facebook, that understands the strength of short-videos. It is limited to 15 second videos, thus you can deliver a very clear and focused marketing message.

10. Byte. This is super fresh. It has just been launched and it’s based on a looping video app. It’s so new that we can only say that you can become one of the marketing pioneers on this platform.